Free Pattern

Chris, Barbara and Ann will be demonstrating at the Britsh Quilt & Stitch Village in Uttoxeter this weekend so as a special treat we thought we’d offer a free pattern to download. (Sorry the offer was only for the weekend of the Show – but we may tidy it up a bit, add some better diagrams and put it on the website later – when Chris has finished the quilt). The Layer Cake Scramble was a class Chris taught at The Corner Patch last month and it proved very popular. As you see the quilt isn’t finished by a long way yet (too many other ‘things’ getting in the way) but it is a really quick and simple design. All you need is a Layer Cake (or 40-odd 10 inch squares) and the same number of squares of background(s) fabric.

Layer cake scramble

Also new this month is another pattern from Ann Jermey – Stars and Windmills. This is a small lap quilt (35 x 26 inches) and is very quick and easy to make.

Stars and Windmills sml

Also new to Meadowside Designs are the workbooks Chris uses to teach her very basic beginners’ Electric Quilt classes. If you’ve bought EQ7 (or 6) and never used it because you found the (very comrehensive) manual too intimidating these books may be what you need. Each one is about 30 pages of step-by-step, full-colour screenshot-by-screenshot, guidance through the mysteries of starting your first project, using the Libraries, colouring and altering blocks and then creating simple quilts. The books are £10 each. Here’s a sample page from the first book – Get Going with EQ7.

The first of (hopefully) a series of Pattern Packs from Barbara Chainey is now available as well. Look under the Patterns menu for Quilting and Applique Designs and you will find Egypt Pattern Pack One – a set of three designs from Barbara’s pattern books inspired by her visits to Egypt. These are priced at £2.50 and come with brief instructions for their use, fabric preparation and marking. One of the designs is this one –

egypt first pattern

We’ve also been busy adding tutorials to the site. The first two – on rotary cutting and making a simple Four-Patch unit are up already and more are ready and waiting for Chris to find the time. No wonder that quilt isn’t finished!

If you come to Uttoxeter this weekend do stop by to say hello to us. We will also have special print-outs of some of our patterns for sale.


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