Puss in the Corner

Tidying out the quilt cupboard I came across this little wall hanging made way back in the early 1990s as a Junior Project for Popular Patchwork. I couldn’t find a photo of it on the computer, so took one.

puss in corner small

It still looked quite good, despite its age. So I took some measurements, drew it out in Electric Quilt using one of their applique designs for the diagrams, and wrote up the pattern – the original having long gone several computers and crashes ago – as the latest offering for the Meadowside Designs website.

It’s a really simple quilt to make and ideal for beginners. The block is a variation of the Puss in a Corner block – which just asks to have a cat in the centre. These ones were appliqued using several different methods including using a fusible web and turning under the edges using an interfacing. Several methods are described in the pattern for you to choose which one(s) you will use.

puss in corner cat small

You can use all sorts of fabrics to make the quilt and the cats. Bright prints or nursery prints will make an ideal play mat or wall hanging for a child …

puss in corner bright cats small

puss in corner nursery prints small

…. or you could find some cat fabrics for the sashing perhaps and more realistic fabrics for the cats.

Another idea is to take a photo (or more) of your own cat. Reduce it to 7 inches or less – it has to fit onto an 8 inch square – and print it onto special ‘printable’ fabric to use in your quilt instead of the applique. This wasn’t really possible back when the quilt was first made. I’m sure many children would have loved to have made a quilt with a photo of their cat on it.

WHy not have a go? You’ll find the pattern, which includes the original cat template ( I did find that) on the small quilts page of the website priced at £3.50.


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