Apologies and a link

Just how hard can it be? Many apologies for the loss of the website – it’s security was compromised so I took it down and now I have to work out how to rebuild it – and find the time/courage etc to actually do it. In the meantime I totally forgot about the blog. Not smart.

So . . . I have been putting some of my patterns up on Craftsy and you can find them here. Most were already available from the website but one or two might be new. I had fun with the quick and easy Christmas runner which was a class I taught at The Corner Patch. It really was quick and easy – most of the students had never done patchwork before and managed to complete their runner within the day.

runner a

I haven’t been entirely idle over the last few months as I have had several patterns published in Popular Patchwork. You can find some of them online by searching the back issues. They include my rather colourful big tote bag which was in the recent ‘Bag Special’ and a small wallhanging I called ‘In the Forest’ which I had great fun with playing around quilting leaves.

lc tote004 (2)

in the forest

While I get myself organised and a new website sorted here’s a link to a free pattern which is for a couple of small cot quilts / playmats I made from left over bits of jelly rolls for my twin niece and nephew last year. In a fit of originality I called it Left-over jelly

I’m making no promises but I am going to try to get the website back and to remember to keep this blog up to date. I have a plan for a Block of the Month . . .  Just don’t hold your breath.


One thought on “Apologies and a link

  1. Maggi

    Good luck with re-building the website. What a pain after all the initial work setting it up in the first place. Love the bag and In the Forest.


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