Some very slight and slow progress has been made on a new website. Its not much to look at and there’s no content as yet. But . . .

If you go there all you will find is a link back here and one to the Craftsy page. I’ll keep working at it though, chipping away a bit at a time.

Meanwhile I’ve had a load of quilts back from Popular Patchwork and another lot from Jane at the Corner Patch and there’s the quilts I took to Uttoxeter as well and they all need to be found a home rather than cluttering up the sitting room.

too many quilts

This is only half of them – there’s another chair full the other side of the room!

And I suppose I ought to make and write a new pattern or two to put on the website when it finally gets finished. I just need a few more hours in the day.


One thought on “Progress

  1. maggi21

    It certainly isn’t something that can be rushed. Then quillts may need to have a home found for them but they do look lovely scattered around.


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