Further progress . .

Today I have been trying to write up the pattern for the Lone Stars quilt I made recently. It’s proving harder than making it! This is the quilt (partially quilted) at Nantwich earlier this year.

lone stars quilt

You may be pleased to know I have finally finished quilting it. It was deciding what and where and how to quilt that always takes the time. Once I’ve decided then I can get on and do it. Then all (!) I need to do is write the pattern. Doing that also involves a lot of play with Electric Quilt. More time lost . . . but the random recolor is such fun. Here’s the same quilt in a couple of completely different colourways –

lone stars b

lone stars c

Now, what I really must finish doing is the website. I think I’ve got the design almost right. Just need to finish off the menu and get some patterns up there. That’s all.


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