Block of the Month

I had a potentially silly idea – why not start a Block of the Month? Now. In June. Half way through the year. So in celebration of the new website now up and running (still a lot of content to add but there is quite a bit there already) here’s the Requirements for a medallion sampler quilt.It is bed size, finishing at 72 inches square.

autumn star sampler

I will try to post a block at about this time each month for you to download (free), so next month (July) you will get the instructions for the Log Cabin centre. My quilt is done in browns and greens but it works well in all sorts of other colours – there’s a few ideas on the Requirements list and here’s a few photos from students.

lc centre a

lc centre c

lc centre b

Some of you may have seen the instructions for this quilt in Popular Patchwork a year or so back but it proved very popular in class as well as in the magazine so I thought I’d share it with a (hopefully) wider audience.

The instructions, like all Meadowside Design patterns, will be fully illustrated step-by step. Tutorials are now appearing on the website and these can be used in conjunction with the patterns if you are unsure of a particular technique. The quilt is designed to lead you through a number of different techniques from rotary cutting and piecing strips to quick piecing of units and using templates.



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