Emerald Stars

One of the patterns just added to the Meadowside Designs website is Emerald Stars. This is a small wall hanging about 36 inches square when finished. Its a very simple quilt – nine 9-patch blocks, five of one Star block and four of another.

Emerald stars

One of the things we all love to do is try out these designs in different colours and this is where we find Electric Quilt (EQ) so useful. This is what the ‘random recolor’ button came up with for this one – first one that is close in colour to the original but what a difference a little change in emphasis makes –

Em Star c

Then one that is fairly pale and muted –

Em Star a

Next, similar colour placement (the red is in the same places) but much darker and bolder –

Em Star b

and finally –

Em Star d

So it may have started out being called Emerald Stars, but yours could be something else entirely.

While you are over at the website, just check out the new whizzy image slider Chris has managed to insert on the Home Page. We’re not letting on just how long it took, or how much hair-tearing!



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