Aunt Dinah’s Runner

Aunt Dinah is the name of the block used in this table runner which is one of the latest patterns to be added to the Meadowside-Designs website – it also features in the image slider on the Home page. Three 12 inch blocks on point with ‘pointy’ ends makes a runner for a large table or one to be used as a ‘bed scarf’ ( a bit of decoration at the end of, or halfway down, the bed).

Aunt D bed scarf

Please excuse crumpled look of bed – the cream quilt was tossed over to act as a background – only just realised how untidily ‘tossed’ it was now I’ve put the full size photo up.

This is the runner in its full glory – as it appears in the image slider –

Aunt Dinah's runner

And, courtesy of Electric Quilt, here’s some other colour ideas, including one for Christmas –

Aunt D runner d

Aunt D runner c

Aunt D runner b

Aunt D runner a

And of course, you don’t have to add the pointy ends if you want a shorter, squarer runner as also illustrated by the EQ doodles.



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