Simple Blocks 3

One step up from the four-patch is nine-patch. This week’s block therefore is Double Nine-Patch.

double9patch block

You can download the instructions to make this block here and, of course, visit the website if you need a refresher in making the 9-patch units.

As ever, courtesy of Electric Quilt, here’s a few ideas for quilts with this block. First a straightforward 4 x 4 straight set.

double9patchquilt d

Then a 4 x 4 straight set with plain alternate blocks

double9patchquilt a

Then set on point (with a border too!)

double9patchquilt b

and finally look what happens when the black and light are switched –

double9patchquilt c

And of course you can make the other block – twin to this colouring – with 4 squares of black and 5 of red. Alternating these on point with their twin and alternate plain squares works well.

double 9-patch


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