On the Christmas Quilts page of the website is a little table topper (or wall hanging) which would make a lovely table runner too. Here’s the original quilt –


The I looked at it and thought what happens if I turned the corner blocks around? And thanks to the magic of Electric Quilt – here’s the answer

poinsettia eq

Pity about the black lines – they still show up even though I’d opted not to show them. But I think it looks a lot better with the blocks turned. Try it yourself before you sew the blocks together.

And the runner? It looks like this –

poinsettia runner

Notice that I’ve coloured the fans differently. They look a bit like Christmas trees now (perhaps?)

And then I had a bit of a play with the sizing of the Dresden Plate blocks to make rectangular table mats.

First just one block

poinsettia mat b

and then two – a square one and a very skinny rectangular one –

poinsettia mat

Although it might look complicated to make, it really isn’t as the Dresden Plate (poinsettia) blocks are appliqued using fusible web. Why not download the pattern today – it’s only £3.50 – and you’ll have a table setting ready for Christmas!

As a special ‘Christmas present’ you can download the templates for a 6 x 12 rectangular block here, with thanks to Electric Quilt for working its magic!


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