Evening Bag

Many years ago (well it feels like it – it was 2008) Chris made a Dresden Fan evening bag in a Chinese silk fabric. It was a bit cobbled together but it looked ok and got the daughter’s seal of approval. So Chris asked a friend (Maggie H) to make a better version – Maggie was good at making things in fabrics other than cotton – so the pattern could go into a magazine. British Patchwork and Quilting were kind enough to take it and Maggie’s version looked great! Thanks, Maggie!

evening bag

Having just come across the photos and the text again we’ve revamped it as a pattern for Meadowside Designs.

Here’s a photo of Chris’s attempt

evening bag complete

Not too bad for a trial run to see if the pattern worked, but no embellishments or anything. Maggie added a tassel or two and a bootlace shoulder strap plus some butterflies and assorted other titvations to her version to really make it look special. Couldn’t find a photo of it, but here’s a scan of the photo in the magazine – think the butterflies must have been on the other side.

evening bag scan

Its not that difficult to make (unless you use slithery silks!) and the pattern has step-by-step photos.

If you’ve a special occasion to go to in the coming season why not make your own ‘Designer Exclusive’ bag?


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