Free Patterns

The Free Patterns tend to get posted to the Craftsy page – no particular reason, they just do – so I thought we’d draw your attention to them and provide them here for you to download now.

Just re-created is the Autumnal Pumpkin which first showed up at Young Quilters many years ago and then went on to entertain an assortment of Brownies and Guides working for their Needlework badges. I’ve made a new one and taken step-by-step photos to put in the patterns – a vast improvement on the sketchy (by hand) drawings of the original.


The Spider has been around now for quite some time but is still proving very popular at this time of year.


This too has been re-written with step-by-step photos.

These really are simple little things to make – you just need some small (about 8 inches square) pieces of felt and scraps of wadding to stuff them with. With half-term looming on the horizon why not download both patterns and spend a quiet afternoon populating the house with spiders (these ones don’t scuttle) and pumpkins.

Pumpkin        Spider


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