Christmas Mystery Part Three

This week we learn about mitres! Lots of diagrams to help you with this technique which many of us find scary, but then wonder why when we actually try it – and it works. Be brave – give it a go!

Download Part Three instructions here and get your mitres done.

If you are still confused there is a blurry video – but good explanation on You Tube. Just don’t, please, use the rotary cutter the way demonstrated – it is so dangerous to cut across yourself and even more so to leave the guard off the cutter when you put it down – she very nearly sliced her fingers at one point. Another good and brief video (with safer use of a cutter!) is here, but when I was watching it ground to a halt and stuttered about a minute from the end – but there was enough information there to get the idea. There are plenty of other videos up there but these two were brief and came closest to the method in the pattern. Good Luck – it is easier than it sounds, honest!


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