Christmas Mystery Part Four

Part Four of eight already! No mitres this week – hopefully you have all been successful and are happy with the results so far.

This time we will be making more little units – lots of cutting and stitching. Download the instructions for Part Four here.

After watching a few videos recently, please can we stress the safe use of those lethal weapons aka rotary cutters. If they are sharp enough to cut through 6 to 8 layers of fabric then they are sharp enough to cut through you. Please make sure you have the blade guarded at all times except when actually making a cut – our students have been heard muttering our mantra under their breath – ‘Guard off; roll and cut; guard on; cutter down’. Do always cut away from yourself as well – not across and most certainly never towards as the consequences if the cutter slips (and they do) don’t bear thinking about: a very nasty gash in your arm if you’re lucky, but a nick in a major blood vessel (no time for an ambulance) if you’re not. And besides which – the blood will ruin all that lovely fabric.

Enjoy making this week’s units and we’ll see you back here next week to find out what to do next.


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