Simple Blocks – Contrary Wife

We hope you all enjoyed the Mystery Quilt over the last few Mondays and are not too busy quilting it ready for Christmas to enjoy our continuing series of Simple Blocks.

Last time (two months ago?) we started to look at blocks with half-square triangle units and featured the block Calico Puzzle. This month’s is similar, but different, and usually known as Contrary Wife. You can download the instructions for this block here.

contrary wife

It can be coloured in a number of ways – as above, or another idea is that below –

contrary wife b

This is an asymmetric block which makes it quite interesting when you put several blocks together and start turning them around. Here’s a few ideas starting with the first colourway and just straight set 4 blocks by 4.

contrary wife quilt a

And if you turn blocks around

contrary wife quilt b

A similar setting with the second colourway produces this quilt –

contrary wife quilt c

And if you combine the two you get this one –

contrary wife quilt d




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