Simple blocks – Churn Dash

Also known as Monkey Wrench, this block is really simple and can be very effective when used as an alternate block in a two-block quilt. Many different designs can be created from the block on its own however, depending on how you colour it. You can download the instructions here.

churn dash block

Here are a few quilt ideas using just the colouring above and its reverse. The instructions include quilt colourings other than the ones shown here.

churn dash quilt

churn dash quilt c

Churn Dash quilt a

One thing we all enjoy doing is taking a simple block (like this one) and drawing out a blank quilt of, say, a 4 x 4 setting and then colouring it in ignoring the boundaries between the blocks. Why not try it?

churn dash blank

With this simple block you can also play around with scale. The block has a square in the middle – why not put a small version of the block in this square?

churn dash double

Make the main block large enough and you have a wall-hanging, or even a bed-size quilt.

Churn Dash



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