Simple blocks – True Blue

I found this block in Electric Quilt and it struck me as an ideal one to feature in the Simple Blocks series as it combines the Half-Square Triangle units we have been concentrating on lately and the 4-patch unit we looked at early on in the series. I have, of course, coloured it with blues; you can choose whatever colour(s) takes your fancy!

True Blue block a

It looks quite different if you change the dark blue and the background over . . .

True Blue block

. . . and if you do it in lighter/brighter blues

True Blue block b

Putting the block into a quilt with just the one colourway doesn’t look too interesting, but combining the coloursways livens it up quite a lot.

True Blue quilt b

as does putting the blocks on point

True Blue quilt f

You can find further setting ideas for quilts as well as the instructions to make the block in the free download here.

True Blue



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