Instant downloads

Instant downloads of patterns is slowly returning thanks to London-based PayHip. Meadowside Designs now has an account with this company and patterns are being added to the site a few at a time. It works in much the same way as before – go to our website, find the pattern you want, click on the buy link (it says ‘Buy ebook’) and you are taken to the page for that pattern. Once there you can read a bit more about the pattern, view a much larger photo and make a final decision about buying. If you decide to buy then, as before, you are taken to Pay Pal where you can choose to use your Pay Pal account if you have one, or pay by credit card. Once payment is received you will get an email with your pattern and a link to download it. Prices now include VAT, which Pay Hip deals with no matter which country you are from, thus complying with the new EU Regulations.

Those of you who follow us on Facebook will have seen this happening over the last few days as any pattern uploaded is ‘shared’ with Facebook. To give you an idea of what the new pages look like click on the link for this Charm Square picnic set pattern.

charm square picnic set

The sun is shining (briefly) so today seemed like a good day to think of summer picnics!


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