Puzzle Quilt Block of the Month

A Puzzle Quilt is a variation on a sampler quilt – each block is made at least twice but with the colours or shades in different places. The ‘puzzle’ is finding the pairs of blocks. This year’s Block of the Month will feature eight 12 inch blocks – giving you 16 blocks for your quilt (as a minimum) which, set 4 x 4, are enough for a small double bed size quilt. You can make it larger by adding borders or more blocks.

Puzzle quilt

Download the Needs List here ready for next month when the first block will be featured.

You can choose to make your quilt in any colour(s) you fancy – here’s a few ideas from Electric Quilt starting with pinks and greys –

pink and grey

now a rather garish (perhaps?) multi-coloured one thanks to the ‘random recolor’ button –


and finally a more autumnal one in reds and browns –

red and brown

Other colourings will be suggested each month with the block instructions. Next month’s post with instructions for the first block will appear on the first Saturday in October – October 3rd.

Puzzle Quilts needs lists


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