Simple Blocks – Big Dipper

This block has a great many names, including Yankee Puzzle, Hourglass, Electric Fan, and Envelope Quilt. I rather liked Big Dipper – so that’s what I’ve called it here.

Big Dipper block a

This is simplest colouring of the block – which as you can see is just four Quarter Square Triangle units. But you can play with the colours within the block, by adding one more for instance –

Big Dipper block b

or even a third –

Big Dipper block c

And these different colourings will make very different looking quilts.

Big Dipper quilt a

Big Dipper quilt b

Big Dipper quilt c

You can download the instructions for the Big Dipper block here, which include lots more ideas for colours and quilts.

Don’t forget to download the tutorial for Quarter Square Triangle (QST) units from the Tutorial page.

Big Dipper


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