Simple blocks – Dutchman’s Puzzle

This is probably the best known block with Flying Geese units. You can download the instructions to make a 12 inch block here.

Dutchman's puzzle block d

A quilt made with this simple two-colour block is perhaps not very exciting –

Dutchman's puzzle quilt d

But if you change the colour of the centre units –

Dutchman's puzzle block c

the quilt gains a lot more movement –

Dutchman's puzzle quilt c

Add in an extra colour to the background –

Dutchman's puzzle block b

Dutchman's puzzle quilt b

and another colour to the corners –

Dutchman's puzzle block a

Dutchman's puzzle quilt a

This is a very different looking quilt to the one we started out with.

Dutchman’s Puzzle


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