Simple Blocks – Next Door Neighbour

Not just Flying Geese in this block, but half-flying-geese too (I’m sure there ought to be a better name for these units!). Next Door Neighbour is another block that can be very different depending on how you colour it – with plenty of scope for playing. You can download the instructions to make the block here.

I started with this colouring of the block –

Next door Neighbour

and then changed the position of the colours –

Next D N block b

Next D N block a

Then I played around with ‘making’ some quilts (you have to love Electris Quilt!); first is the quilt from the first colouring, just 4 x 4 blocks –

Next D N quilt a

Then the same setting but with the black as background –

Next D N quilt b

Then alternating those two colourings –

Next D N quilt c

Then the black background but alternate blocks are ‘flipped’ (mirror images) and turned –

Next D N quilt d

and finally the red and grey backgrounds alternated and set on point –

Next D N quilt e

There are more ideas on the instruction sheet.

Next Door Neighbour


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