Simple Blocks – Sawtooth Star

The basic Sawtooth Star block has four Flying Geese units and 5 squares. It is very simple! You can download the instructions for the basic block here.

Sawtooth Star

But you can do a lot of things with it to make new blocks. For instance, if you turn the Flying Geese around you make a block called King’s Crown –

sawtooth f

And if you put these two together in a quilt –

Sawtooth and KC

or (as it’s that time of year) in Christmas colours –

sawtooth quilt

You can add half-square triangles to the four corners –

sawtooth d

or to the centre –

sawtooth c

or combine the two –

sawtooth e

Add some smaller squares to the centre –

Sawtooth a

or to the corners

sawtooth b

This last one makes a lovely Christmas runner – look out for the pattern for next year, but in the meantime here’s a photo of Helen’s made in a class at the Corner Patch last week.

Sawtooth runner

Finally you could put a mini Sawtooth Star in the centre square –

sawtooth g

Enjoy experimenting!

Sawtooth Star


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