Simple blocks – Key Lime Pie

This is another block that uses the 3-triangle unit and is to be found in the library of blocks that comes with ELectric Quilt. This time the unit is paired with 4-patch units to make a 9-patch block. This allows for all sorts of experimenting with colour and value placement. Download the instructions here. Instructions for piecing multiples of the unit can be found on the tutorials page.

key lime pie block c

key lime pie block dkey lime pie block e

key lime pie block f







These are just a few ideas, there are more in the instructions pages.


And then you can have fun making quilts as the 4-patch units create paths across or around the quilt depending, again, on how you colour them.


key lime pie quilt d

key lime pie quilt e

key lime pie quilt fkey lime pie quilt sashedSometimes you can see stars, and sometimes windmills. There are more ideas in the instruction sheet.

Key Lime Pie


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