Quilt along

It’s a while since the Puzzle Quilt block of the month so it is probably time for another Block of the Month quilt-along.

The quilt we’ve chosen is the one being made this year as one of the Block of the Month options at The Corner Patch – Dancing Blocks.


There are nine blocks in total plus there will be instructions for getting those blocks to ‘dance’. The photos show the shop sample done in blues but students have been making the blocks in a wide range of colours – including a vibrant orange and green one which looks amazing.


Instructions will be posted each month on the 15th – right in the middle of the month – starting today with the Requirements list.

As you can see from these Electric Quilt ‘random recolours’ the quilt can look great with a dark background or a light one; with a mixture of fabrics or a restricted colour palette. Each month’s instructions will have a blank block to colour in to help you choose your colours. You can download a blank quilt here to colour in. quilt-a




Its free to join in – just remember to check here on the 15th of each month to download the instructions and by this time next year you will have a new quilt – all ready as a Christmas present perhaps!


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