Simple Blocks – Spinning Tops

This is a very similar block to last month’s Grandmother’s Choice – the only difference is that the centre rectangles have been split into two squares. You can download the instructions for the Spinning Tops block here.

Spinning Tops block

Try different ways of colouring the block – it can look quite different in pastel shades for example –

Spinning Tops block a

Because we have coloured the corners differently and because alternate units are turned the blocks are not symmetrical which means you can have a lot of fun turning them around – alternate blocks, or alternate rows or . . . mixing them with alternate Grandmother’s Choice blocks.


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Or you set them on point, with or without sashing. This is what the pastel ones look like –

Spinning Tops quilt d

Spinning Tops quilt c

Have fun playing with these blocks. You can download a blank quilt to colour here – you can print lots of copies, cut them up and design your own unique quilt.


3 thoughts on “Simple Blocks – Spinning Tops

  1. Guilitta

    I liked to download the instructions for the Spinning Tops, but I cant. There is written the pdf cant be found. I hope you understand my bad english. Please excuse the mistakes. Please can you look after the instruction?

    Guilitta from Germany.

    1. Chris Post author

      Hi Guilitta
      I’m sorry about the pdf not loading – I’m not sure what was wrong with the link but I have reloaded the pdf and redone the link and it now seems to be working. If you still can’t get it to download please let me know.


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