Simple blocks – Five Spot

With Square-in-a-Square units added to our Mary’s Triangle units we get a traditional block known as Five Spot. Download the instructions for the block here.

five spot block f

The addition of some careful colouring then gives us the bonus of a star in the middle of the block.

Five Spot block

You can then have a lot of fun changing the colours around within the block.

Which in turn makes designing a quilt a lot more interesting too, as just using one colouring on its own doesn’t make for a very exciting quilt . . .

five spot quilt a

unless we have a bit of a play with the ‘background’ of the blocks and then we start to get something that looks a bit like an Islamic tile design . . .

five spot quilt c

. . . or we alternate different colourings . . .

or set the blocks on point . . .

five spot quilt d

five spot quilt f

And now some of these are starting to remind me of a Minton tile floor, so what happens if we change to those colours?

five spot quilt e

Download the instructions for the Five Spot block here, if you didn’t do so earlier!


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