EQ Doodles

Over on the Chris & Barbara blog not only are we looking at scrappy designs but we also do quilt doodles with the aid of Electric Quilt each month. In November’s doodles Barbara has used some frame blocks and looks at how effective they are for showing off those prints that you can’t bear to cut up into small pieces.

I have drawn them out in Electric Quilt (EQ8) and recoloured them so they look very different from Barbara’s colourings. Over on the EQ Doodles page you can download a colouring sheet to design your own colourways. However you may fancy actually making quilts with these blocks having seen some of the ones Barbara has designed. I have done both rotary cutting measurements and templates to make 9inch blocks for you to download. The measurements may be a little unusual as the blocks are all based on different grids – 4-patch, 5-patch and 7-patch – which made it tricky to choose a suitable size! I thought it was worth giving it a go however as the quilts Barbara has shown that use more than one of these blocks looked so interesting – for example –

November quilt 10 full colour

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