Yet another Star

This block is just called Two Colours according to Barbara Brackman’s Encyclopedia which seems a shame – it looks as if it could do with Star in there somewhere.

Two Colours block

The original block is a sort of 8-Pointed Star with lots of set-in seams which is fine for handstitching but a little trickier when machining and you can download the templates to make a 12 inch block here.

However it is the work of moments to add a few extra seam lines to make a block that is easy to rotary cut and easy to machine piece – and the rotary instructions can be downloaded here.

Two Colours block variation

It also gives opportunities for different colourings too.

Put in a quilt (with alternate blocks coloured as ‘rob-Peter-to-pay-Paul’ it can look quite acceptable.

Two Colours quilt variation

But then . . .  what if . . . ? We add another few seams and turn those corner squares into triangles? Download the rotary cutting instructions for this variation here.

Two Colours block variation triangles a


And then put that block into a quilt?

Two Colours quilt variation triangles

Want to have a play yourself? Download a ‘quilt to colour’ here – print it out lots of times and have fun adding lines and changing the block around. What else could you put in those corner squares?

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