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Summer Mystery Quilt continued

Week Two and you should have acquired your fabric, so now it is time to cut it up into smaller bits. You can download the instructions here.

We’ve found it helpful to have small plastic bags or wallets or envelopes of some sort, neatly labelled, to keep track of all those different sizes and colours. Its also helpful to take a snippet of your fabrics and tape them to a piece of card (or similar) and label them A, B, C etc so you have something to refer to when following instructions and don’t get muddled. Its quite useful to do this for all patterns whether its a mystery or not.

Summer Mystery Quilt requirements

As promised, the first installment of our Summer Mystery Quilt starts today with (of course) the Requirements list.

The quilt finishes at about 62 inches square and is really simple piecing. Fabric choices are up to you – anything goes. We have tried to design it so that it looks stunning whether you have a dark background or a light one and no matter where you place your lights and darks or brights thereafter. You can make it from one colour family or choose several different colours. Its your quilt, your choice!

See you next week for further instructions . . .