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May EQ Doodles

The May doodles have already gone up on our Chris & Barbara blog and you can find a link there to download a quilt to colour in – or cut up and re-arrange – to design your own doodle. This month’s block continues the 8-pointed star theme with a block called Goose Tracks Variation. You can download a pdf of the templates to make a 10 inch version of this block here.

Goose Track Variation

Once again we have set-in or Y seams so the faint-hearted of us machine stitchers will probably pass on this one but if you have no fear of the Y seam or love hand-piecing then why not give this block a go.

You need to cut out your diamonds taking particular care of the orientation – you want half one way and half the other in both colours! The squares and triangles are much easier and could be rotary cut, you can download rotary cutting measurements here. (Isn’t EQ wonderful – what did we do before?!)

Stitch the diamonds into pairs – notice the changes in colour and orientation – and add the triangle between them.

May doodle how-to step 1

Stitch these diamond pairs into fours, adding the square between them. Stitch the contrast triangle to the corner of each of these mini blocks.

May doodle how-to step 2

Stitch a background rectangle between the mini blocks and a contrast square between the two remaining rectangles to make three rows.

May doodle how-to step 3

Finally stitch the rows together to complete the block. The colouring here is the default colouring from EQ8.

Goose Track Variation

Dancing Blocks quilt-along – the final

It’s time to find all the blocks, the wadding and the backing and put the quilt together.

It is up to you whether you put it together first and then quilt it or whether you quilt each block – Quilt-as-you-go.

The instructions allow for either of these techniques but do not describe them in any detail. Border and binding instructions are given and the heart quilting in the border uses the heart template from the applique design last month, adapted to fit the space.

You can download the quilt completion instructions here.

This is the quilt displayed in the shop where the pattern was first taught – The Corner Patch.

And here’s a few different colour ideas from EQ using the ‘random recolor’ button (such a brilliant idea!)

We hope you have enjoyed stitching along with this quilt over the last year. There will be another quilt-along or Block of the Month coming soon.


Dancing Blocks Quilt-along

Our final block is applique hearts

This one is machine appliqued but there is no reason why you can’t hand-stitch, or use glue if you prefer. The instructions do not include applique details – there are plenty of tutorials available for you to choose your own favourite method. Download the templates pattern here and the placement instructions here.

And a few colour ideas from EQ

No student’s blocks to show, sorry – not quick enough with the camera that month.

Some students preferred not to make an applique block and instead substituted a pieced block of their choice.

Next month – how to put it all together.

Dancing Blocks Quilt-along

Our last pieced block is 54-40 or Fight.

You can download the pattern instructions here. The block uses the same templates as last month’s Snowflake, but if you prefer to try foundation piecing you can download that pattern here.

Once more here’s a few ideas for different colours from EQ and from students –¬† Next month is the final block – an applique design.


Dancing Blocks Quilt-along

Happy Easter! And welcome to Block six of our Block of the Month quilt-along. This month it is the turn of Card Trick.

block-6-card-trickThis block relies on a clear difference between the colours used to create the illusion of interlocked squares. You can download the instructions for the block here.

Our alternative colourways could look¬† like these –








And here’s some of the students’ blocks to give you an idea of how fabric choice can affect the look of a block, from the background to the contrast between colours –
















Dancing Blocks Quilt-along

March and block 5 of our Block of the Month quilt-along. This time it is the return of that perennial favourite – Ohio Star.

block-5-ohio-starThis block adds the Quarter-square Triangle to our repertoire of units. You can download the instructions for the block here. Our alternative colourways could look a little like these –








Students also played around with colour –






But be careful that your colours are not too similar

block5-ohiostaras you may lose the pattern altogether.