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Springtime stitching

We have been promised that Spring is just around the corner – hard to believe with all the snow and ice – so yesterday when I found a couple of projects we had done with Young Quilters over the Easter holidays back in the 1990s I felt it was time to write them up properly and offer them as free patterns. They are both cushions, but could be little quilts as well, measuring 12 inches finished, without borders. As they were designed with Young Quilters in mind they are nice and simple and a quite young child could manage them with adult help here and there. They can be sewn by hand or machine, although I did them on the machine.

2018-03-19 17.28.38First of all we have a basket – which is actually a pocket on the front of the cushion. The original hand-written pattern says for keeping a book or small toy, these days it is more likely to be a phone or tablet perhaps. You can download the pattern here.

Although the pattern has lots of diagrams sometimes photos show things more clearly so here are the step-by-step photos I took when I made the basket pocket –


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2018-03-19 15.25.25The other pattern I found was a Snowball block turned into an animal – we apparently had dogs, cats, pigs and even hens, but the one I have chosen to do the ear templates for you today is the rabbit. Once you have made this one you might like to let your imagination run riot as our Young Quilters did on the day and see what you come up with. You could even add an appropriate tail to the back of your cushion or quilt.

You can download the pattern here.


Rainbow Cushions

This is a really great way to use striped fabrics and Dresden Plates. A little ‘fussy cutting’ and you can create rainbows round your cushion. Of course they don’t have to be this bright – you can get quieter stripes than this one. These were made for a teen’s bedroom.

rainbow cushions

They’ve had a bit of abuse down the years but have worn well as they were machine machine pieced and appliqued. Find the pattern for them on the website.

rainbow cushion

The border stripe was a different rainbow stripe print but went well with the original (not enough left after several projects used it earlier).

rainbow cushion border

No matter how hard we try to use up our stash, somehow there is never quite enough or not quite the right colour and we have to go out and buy more.