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Summer Mystery Quilt requirements

As promised, the first installment of our Summer Mystery Quilt starts today with (of course) the Requirements list.

The quilt finishes at about 62 inches square and is really simple piecing. Fabric choices are up to you – anything goes. We have tried to design it so that it looks stunning whether you have a dark background or a light one and no matter where you place your lights and darks or brights thereafter. You can make it from one colour family or choose several different colours. Its your quilt, your choice!

See you next week for further instructions . . .


Summer Mystery quilt

We’re back, after a short break – the weeks just vanish and suddenly we’re halfway through the year and its a over a month since the last post. But . . .

Summer is coming, the long holidays beckon, many of the classes are on hold so we have a Summer Mystery Quilt for you starting on Sunday June 17th. It’s really simple piecing and a new step will be published each Sunday until about halfway through August.

See you in a few days time . . .

Christmas Mystery Part Seven – the Solution

Well done, you’ve made it to the end and all will be revealed. The quilt top is completed, just a little titivating to finish the quilt completely now.

Download the final instructions and a picture of the finished quilt here. It would be lovely to see photos of your finishes too – why not send them to us, the address is in the sidebar.

The weekly blocks will be appearing here again on Mondays very soon, maybe even next week! Or perhaps next week will just be a picture of the completed Mystery. Who knows?

Christmas Mystery Part Six

Very nearly there, but first . . .  a few more mitres. Dig out the instructions for Part Three and the links to the videos for a refresher course if you need to.

Download the instructions for Part Six here and practice those mitres – you’ll be an expert by the time we’ve finished.

Hope you’re pleased with what you’ve made so far. We’re nearly at the end of our Mystery and all will be revealed next week. Don’t forget the final part, November 17th is the date for the diary.

Christmas Mystery Part Four

Part Four of eight already! No mitres this week – hopefully you have all been successful and are happy with the results so far.

This time we will be making more little units – lots of cutting and stitching. Download the instructions for Part Four here.

After watching a few videos recently, please can we stress the safe use of those lethal weapons aka rotary cutters. If they are sharp enough to cut through 6 to 8 layers of fabric then they are sharp enough to cut through you. Please make sure you have the blade guarded at all times except when actually making a cut – our students have been heard muttering our mantra under their breath – ‘Guard off; roll and cut; guard on; cutter down’. Do always cut away from yourself as well – not across and most certainly never towards as the consequences if the cutter slips (and they do) don’t bear thinking about: a very nasty gash in your arm if you’re lucky, but a nick in a major blood vessel (no time for an ambulance) if you’re not. And besides which – the blood will ruin all that lovely fabric.

Enjoy making this week’s units and we’ll see you back here next week to find out what to do next.