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Another new pattern

It may be a long time until December but those red and green festive prints are going to start arriving in the shops very soon! So I have just added a new pattern to the Payhip shop (it used to be on Craftsy (RIP) but the new site – Bluprint – has removed it along with most of my other patterns).

I have (with the usual imagination) named it Poinsettias. It is a small wall-hanging or table topper, measuring 32 inches square when finished.



The pattern also includes instructions to turn the blocks into a table runner instead of a table topper.

Poinsettia runner

Or you could go mad and make a full size festive quilt.

Whichever you choose those little flowers are a great way to use up your red scraps!


New Pattern

A new pattern has been added to the Meadowside Designs Payhip shop. This quilt grew out of one of the Chris & Barbara ‘Grow Your Own’ workshops where we made quilts by starting with a centre and just adding borders until we were seriously bored or felt our quilt was big enough.

Great scrap-busters these quilts proved very popular with different workshops using different designs and units to make a quilt. Now its your turn to have a go starting with this quilt in blues and edging into purples.  You can start with an orphan block or make the one from the pattern and then keep going . . . Buy the pattern here.

blue medallion

EQ Doodles

Over on our sister site – chrisandbarbara – we try to publish a series of EQ doodles each month together with a brief blogpost and a colouring sheet to download. We had the sudden bright idea that you might actually want to know how to make some of these blocks – what sizes to cut, or templates provided. So . . . we’re going to try to do it each month here on the Meadowside blog.

The March doodles are based on a block called Birds and Star – essentially an 8-pointed star on point with half-square triangles (HSTs) around it (like Birds in the Air – hence its name, probably).

March block c

We’ve done instructions for a 12 inch block and if you would like templates then you can download them here.

For rotary cutting you need:-

2 and 7/8 inch squares for the corner HSTs – cut each in half to give two triangles, or quick-piece using your preferred method (see the Tutorials page for guidance).

2 and 1/4 inch strips for the diamonds – cut light ones from left to right; dark ones from right to left (or place the fabrics right sides together and cut both at once) using the 45 degree line on your ruler. Cut at 2 and 1/4 inch intervals.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The corner squares for the 8-pointed star are cut at 3 inches.

The set-in triangles are cut from 3 and 3/8 inch squares – cut each square in half diagonally to give two triangles.

Make the 8-pointed star block first, taking care with those Y seams when setting in the corner squares and setting triangles.

star astar bstar cstar d

Stitch the corner HST units according to your colourings (which will probably be very different from ours). Stitch these smaller units into the larger triangles.

corner units

Stitch these larger triangles to the sides of the 8-pointed star. Stitch opposite sides first, press and then stitch the other two sides.

star corners

star corners b

Chain Quilts

We’ve been browsing some of our photos and patterns and thought we might remind you about these two red and white chain quilts, the pattern for which can be found here. These two late 19th century quilts belong to Ann and Barbara. Ann’s is a coverlet (no wadding) and is simply quilted with a crosshatch design. Barbara’s has been well worn – the Turkey red squares have all but disappeared except at the edges which were presumably out of the sun. Hers is quilted with a simple curves and cross-hatch pattern.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These chain quilts are really quick and easy to make if you want a graphic quilt for a bed or a wall-hanging and are ideal for the men in your life who don’t want anything fussy or floral. Make them in plains or tone-on-tone prints for the graphic effect. Try different colours too rather than sticking with red and white.

For the younger ones perhaps a print instead of the white – dinosaurs, tractors, trains, spaceships . . .

Or for girly girls try prettier prints with fairies, unicorns, flowers . . .

Fussy-cut big prints can look effective as well and the colour you choose for the smaller squares can make quite a difference to the look of the quilt.

If you want to have a play with this design you can download a colouring sheet here or, of course, you could buy the pattern and make one for real!


We’ve been having a bit of a tidy up of our pattern store on Payhip as they now offer to sort everything into categories – much easier than scrolling through pages of random stuff looking for just what you want.

Heritage Quilts patterns are still available here, the other patterns have been sorted into categories such as bags, Christmas quilts, table runners, bed quilts and wall-hangings. You can either go direct to the category you want or go to the main pattern store page and click on categories to help navigate your way. Some quilts may be in more than one category.

Quilts Beneath Your Feet also have a separate category – and the Black and White Tiles quilt has been added. More are on the way – Chris just needs to get her act together! (could this be a New Year Resolution?)

Black and White Tiles

Fans quilt

I’ve just had a copy of Today’s Quilter (issue 43) which has my fans quilt project in!

But on reading through it I realise that at one point I say to use the blank quilt to colour in and decide what colours to use for your own quilt. Except I can’t find the blank quilt in the magazine. So for those of you who bought the magazine and wanted a quilt to colour in, or for those who just enjoy colouring – you can download a blank fans quilt here.

And here are some of the ideas that I had come up with if you need a little more inspiration.

blue fanspastel fansrainbow fans

Simple Blocks – Aunt Dinah

Aunt Dinah is a variation of the Ohio Star – it has our featured ‘Mary’s Triangles units in the four corners. You can download the instructions for making the block here.

When I first coloured in this block I came up with this

Aunt Dinah block 2

Bu I felt poor Aunty looked a bit dull, so (as it is November and therefore nearly December) I decided to jazz her up a bit with some red and a few snowflakes and stars.

Aunt Dinah block

Like Ohio Star this block can be bit ho-hum just straight set on its own and you can lose the stars – they become a pieced sashing.

Aunt Dinah quilt

But add plain sashing between the blocks or alternate the colours of the stars and things look a better.

Aunt Dinah quilt 1

Or you could turn the corners of the block around and then alternate these with the original, changing the colours of the block as well

Aunt Dinah quilt 2

Even ‘dull’ Aunt Dinah doesn’t look too dull when given this makeover

Aunt Dinah quilt 4

Of course, given the time of year, you could always make something a lot smaller –

Aunt Dinah quilt runner

– give it a border, and maybe ‘pointy’ ends¬† . . . ?

Or you could head over to our Payhip shop and buy a pattern to make a runner – we featured it way back in 2014.