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Saturday Six-inch Sampler 28

Two more blocks beginning with N today – Nine-patch Straight Furrow and a Nosegay (or Nose Gay) otherwise known as a posy.

Nine-Patch Straight Furrow is a lovely easy block – just squares and half-square triangles – which can create some interesting patterns when several blocks are put together, rather like Log Cabin.

Download the instructions and the block to colour – you can have a lot of fun with this block and it is ideal for using up scraps

Nose-Gay also includes a nine-patch – this is the posy of flowers which is encased in its holder, or paper wrapping.

Download the instructions and the colouring sheet

I’ve just used plain colours in these blocks, but how about using floral prints in the nine-patch squares?

Next week we start a new letter – O.


Saturday Six-Inch Sampler 27

A new letter – N – and some new blocks this week. Starting with our applique letter, which you can download

Our first new block is New Album. Album blocks were very popular for friendship quilts as the centre ‘blank’ space was used for signatures; it could also be used as a ‘label’ for the back of your quilt too. Download the instructions and a block to colour.

If you are intending to use it as a signature block then remember to leave that centre as a pale colour so your writing/embroidery shows up.

Our second new block this week is New Waterwheel and you can download the instructions for this block here as well as a block to colour.

and some alternative colours (because half the fun is the colouring-in!)

More ‘N’ blocks next week.

Puzzle Quilt Block 7

This month’s block is Rolling Stone, another nine-patch block but this time with a new unit – Square (or Diamond) -in-a-Square – in the four corners.

These are the two blocks from the original quilt

Download the instructions to make a 12 inch block here.

These are the two blocks for the new quilt.

There are plenty of other colouring/shading ideas in the worksheet but somehow the new blocks are more or less the same version as the original ones!

Dancing Blocks Quilt-along

Happy Easter! And welcome to Block six of our Block of the Month quilt-along. This month it is the turn of Card Trick.

block-6-card-trickThis block relies on a clear difference between the colours used to create the illusion of interlocked squares. You can download the instructions for the block here.

Our alternative colourways could look  like these –








And here’s some of the students’ blocks to give you an idea of how fabric choice can affect the look of a block, from the background to the contrast between colours –
















Dancing Blocks Quilt-along

March and block 5 of our Block of the Month quilt-along. This time it is the return of that perennial favourite – Ohio Star.

block-5-ohio-starThis block adds the Quarter-square Triangle to our repertoire of units. You can download the instructions for the block here. Our alternative colourways could look a little like these –








Students also played around with colour –






But be careful that your colours are not too similar

block5-ohiostaras you may lose the pattern altogether.



Dancing Blocks Quilt-along

February already, and the fourth block in our quilt-along Block of the Month quilt. This time it’s the turn of Churn Dash, but with an added twist – ‘Churn Dash Variation’, if you like – I have added Flying Geese units to the traditional block.

block-4-churn-dash-variationYou can download the instructions for the block here. Other colourways could look like these –








You could make the Flying Geese units and the rectangles the same colour as two students did –








They also made the units by just adding triangles to two corners of a square – because they didn’t like making Flying Geese.


Dancing Blocks Quilt-along

Happy New Year! And it is time for the third block in our Quilt-along. This month it is the Road to California block combining those Half-square triangles with Four-patches.

block-3-road-to-californiaYou can download the instructions here. But first here’s a couple of other colour ideas –







And if you don’t like the look of that block, but you’ve made the units, there’s no law that says you can’t rearrange them to make a different block as one student did –


Dancing Blocks Quilt-along

Our second block is similar to last month’s – again just a few Half-Square Triangle units and a square make up the Eccentric Star.Download the instructions here.

block2-eccentric-star-aAnd here it is in two other colour choices –


block2-eccentric-star-cNext month the instructions will be for making these blocks ‘dance’ and then in January we will have another block.



Simple Blocks – Mystery Flower Garden

I’m sure this block has featured on the blog before – probably as part of one the Block of the Month quilts – but no apologies for showing it again. You can download instructions for a 12 inch block here along with all sorts of ideas for colouring and quilt settings. Look on the Tutorials page for quick-piecing instructions for the various units in this block (and others in the series).

The instructions show the block in this colourway –

mystery-flower-garden-blockbut here’s a few more ideas from almost monochrome, through acid greens to Autumnal –



mystery-flower-garden-block-cIn addition to the quilt ideas in the instructions, here’s a few more – starting with the block just straight set and no variations –

mystery-flower-garden-quilttwo differently coloured blocks –

mystery-flower-garden-quilt-bthen set on point –

mystery-flower-garden-quilt-aand finally two very different colourways set together (though the same pale fabric does appear in both) –


Dancing Blocks Quilt-along

Time for the first block in our new Block of the Month Quilt-along. We’re starting nice and simple with the Friendship Star block. Download the instructions here.

block1-friendship-star-aJust a few squares and Half-Square Triangle units is all it takes to make this lovely easy block. block1-friendship-star-b