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Yet another block

It’s (almost) the end of the year and we finished our marathon journey through six-inch blocks on Christmas Eve. You can now download the links to all the blog posts and to all the block instructions.

But we couldn’t leave without wishing you all a very Happy New Year and – as we couldn’t find a block called New Year – we leave you with a block called Year’s Favorite.

As a 4-patch block it is not really suited to being a six-inch one so why not go bold and make it 12 inches (each unit will finish at 3 inches). This is what it could look like made up into a quilt in wintery blues for January.

And now Meadowside Designs is going to lie down in a darkened room for a few weeks! We will be back with more makes and ideas before long – once they’ve occurred to us.


Saturday Six-Inch Sampler 51

Congratulations if you have stayed with us all year! We have reached the final three letters of the alphabet and you can download the patterns for X, Y and Z together.

We cheated a bit for X and found a block called (The) Xquisite which would be a great one for using up scraps whether you add corner triangles to the odd shaped centre or do stitch and flip squares. Download it’s instructions.

Our Y block is that old favourite – Yankee Puzzle. This one uses half-square triangles rather than Flying Geese so again gives lots of colouring opportunities. The Yankee Puzzle instructions can be downloaded here.

Our last block is Z for Zig-Zag which again features lots of half-square triangles and your choice of making large triangles for a nine-patch block or small triangles for a 36-patch block. Download the instructions.

Finally – have a very happy Christmas and a bonus block – the Xmas tree (no pattern as we’re sure you can all draw one of these!

We will back at the end of the year with a full list of all the blocks and blog posts that you can download and keep for reference.

Saturday Six-Inch Sampler 50

We’re nearly there! Two more blocks beginning with W first though for this week.

Winding Ways is a curved block – gentle curves so on larger blocks it is possible to piece them on the machine – at 6 inches though by hand is probably easier and quicker! Download the Winding Ways instructions.

Our second block in another Windmill block – there are many blocks called windmill or pinwheel but this one has so many possibilities. Download the Windmill block instructions.

Next week (Christmas Eve) we reach the end of the alphabet – promise!

Saturday Six-Inch Sampler 49

There are just so many blocks beginning with W that it has been hard to choose just a few – I’m afraid we couldn’t resist bringing you another three blocks this week, starting with Waterwheel.

Download the instructions (and they include a block to colour don’t forget).

Next up is Weathervane. We had fun with colouring this one as it reminded us a bit of a flower – so green ‘leaves’ and pastel petals – you can have fun colouring in if you download its instructions.

Finally this week is Wheel of Destiny with its spiky points; no rotary cutting for this one, just templates. Download its instructions here.

Yet more W blocks next week!

Saturday Six-Inch Sampler 48

The last month of the year and we’ve nearly reached the last letter of our alphabetical journey – this week we start a look at blocks beginning with W.

You can download the applique pattern for the letter here.

We have two pieced blocks for you this week which both use the same units but each puts them together in a very different way. The first is called Wampum Block and you can download it’s instructions here.

The second may be slightly more familiar and is called Wandering Lover. Download its cutting instructions here.

There will be a few more W blocks before the end of the year and the end of the alphabet.

Saturday Six-Inch Sampler 47

This week we visit Virginia in our search for blocks beginning with V. Before we go looking though, download the applique pattern for the letter V here if you are collecting these.

Our first block is simply called Virginia and is basically a double star – but take care with the piecing. Download the instructions here.

Next up is Virginia Reel – a close cousin of Dutchman’s Puzzle – with lots of Flying Geese units. Download the instructions here.

Finally we have Virginia Worm Fence which is a version of Rail Fence with two strips per unit instead of three or four. You can of course turn the blocks around to make pinwheels as well as zig-zags. Download the instructions here.

A new month and a new letter and yet more blocks next week.

Saturday Six-Inch Sampler 46

We are nearing the end of the year and the end of the alphabet as we look at blocks beginning with U. Although we are only going to bring you one before we move on to the next letter. But let’s start with our applique pattern which you can download

As our one and only block beginning with U (there are plenty of others but this is one not too difficult to make at six-inches) we have chosen Union Star. Download the instructions here.

Next week a couple of blocks beginning with V.

Saturday Six-Inch Sampler 45

Two more blocks beginning with T this week before we move on to another letter. We start with Twelve Triangles

Change the colours, and then add in extra colours and you find you have made a block you may know as Snail Trail. Download the instructions for Twelve Triangles.

Our final ‘T’ block is Twin Star – another relative of the Friendship Star we looked at way back in April. Download the cutting instructions to make this six-inch block.

Saturday Six-Inch Sampler 44

November already and our next block is Time and Tide! You can download the cutting instructions here. The block is full of lovely (?) spiky points so the instructions include foundation piecing as well as templates.

Our second block this week is another in our sweet treats series – Tiramisu – and features Flying Geese units among others. Again, the instructions include foundation piecing as well as templates and rotary cutting and you can download them here.

Saturday Six-Inch Sampler 43

Continuing our saunter through blocks beginning with T we again have a slight cheat with The Spool. Download the instructions and a block to colour. Its another very simple block, just squares and half-square triangles this time, but you can have a bit of fun with fabric for the centre as you try to make it look more like thread wound round a spool.

Our second block this week is Thrifty (something we are all trying to be at the moment) – this is very simple block using just different sizes squares – ideal for using up small scraps and being thrifty! Download the instructions here.

More ‘T’ blocks next week.