Simple blocks – Key Lime Pie

This is another block that uses the 3-triangle unit and is to be found in the library of blocks that comes with ELectric Quilt. This time the unit is paired with 4-patch units to make a 9-patch block. This allows for all sorts of experimenting with colour and value placement. Download the instructions here. Instructions for piecing multiples of the unit can be found on the tutorials page.

key lime pie block c

key lime pie block dkey lime pie block e

key lime pie block f







These are just a few ideas, there are more in the instructions pages.


And then you can have fun making quilts as the 4-patch units create paths across or around the quilt depending, again, on how you colour them.


key lime pie quilt d

key lime pie quilt e

key lime pie quilt fkey lime pie quilt sashedSometimes you can see stars, and sometimes windmills. There are more ideas in the instruction sheet.

Key Lime Pie













Simple Blocks – Turnstile

I’ve finally written up a few more simple blocks. These next few feature the ‘Three Triangle’ unit       3-triangle unitand our first block is Turnstile, a simple 4-patch block consisting of four of these units.

You can download the instructions here.

Turnstile block cThe block can look quite different depending on the placement of your lights and darks –

turnstile blockTurnstile block bTurnstile block e







And so the quilts can look quite different too

turnstile quilt cturnstile quiltturnstile quilt bturnstile quilt dThis block is sometimes also known as WIndmill, especially when the units are turned –

windmill turnstileAs blocks they look different, but when put together in a quilt it is hard to tell which you started with. But what happens if you alternate these two?



Puzzle Quilt completion

If you have been following along and making at least two blocks each month you should now have 16 blocks to put together into a quilt. You can download the instructions here.

Puzzle quilt

It is your choice whether to quilt the blocks individually or in sections (quilt-as-you-go) or to join all the blocks together first and then quilt the top as a whole. Instructions are given for both methods.

You will also find some ideas for quilting the blocks, sashings and borders.

quilting detail

We hope you have enjoyed this Block of the Month with a difference. Perhaps you could send a photo of your completed Puzzle Quilt for others to enjoy.

Puzzle Quilt completion

Free pattern and two bags

Two new (and related) patterns have been added to the Craftsy page.

First is a little basket pincushion –

basket pincushion

and you will find the free pattern for this on Craftsy or you can download it here.

Closely related, and ideal for keeping projects or sewing kit in are two Bucket Bags – one big and one ‘baby’.

bucket bags

These are reversible

2016-04-12 13.32.35

and useful for all sorts of things! For your projects –

2016-05-19 11.39.00

in the garden –

2016-05-19 11.43.25

and the baby one for your hand-sewing project or to keep by the sewing machine –

2016-04-15 16.06.36

The pattern has instructions for both bags – two for the price of one!

Puzzle Quilt Block 8

The final block for the Block of the Month Puzzle quilt is based on the Hope of Hartford block. This is a lovely little block and introduces the construction technique known as a ‘partial seam’. You can download the instructions here.

The original two blocks from the quilt are shown below –

Hartford Hope b


Hartford Hope a

Here are two further colour ideas drawn with EQ7 –

Hartford Hope c

Hartford Hope d

Block 8 Hartford Hope

Trip around the World

Here’s a cheaper trip around the world than that one you’ve promised yourself when you win the lottery. The pattern is available from both our Payhip and Craftsy pages.

A quick and easy (honest!) design with 2 and 1/2 inch wide strips to make a 44 inch square wall hanging or lapquilt. It looks great placed diagonally over a plain bedcover too.

Trip around world 1

Make it with different width strips (these were cut at 1 inch) to make a tiny quilt

Trip around world

Make it in just one colour family (and these strips were cut at 1 1/2 inches)

Trip around the world green

All sorts of colours will work. Here’s a few ‘works in progress’ from a recent class

File 19-04-2016, 09 52 02

File 19-04-2016, 09 52 34

File 19-04-2016, 09 52 58

File 19-04-2016, 09 53 23

File 19-04-2016, 09 53 46

Why not set out on your Trip around the World today?

Simple Blocks – Fox and Geese

Fox and Geese is perhaps not as ‘simple’ as some of the others because there are a lot of units to make and you need to be fairly accurate in stitching everything together. But it is really not that complicated either! Take care with cutting and piecing for a super result. You can download the instructions for the block here.

Fox n geese block a

Make several for a quilt, either straight set –

Fox and Geese quilt a

or with sashing between the blocks

Fox and Geese quilt b

or set on point with alternate ‘plain’ squares

Fox and Geese quilt d

Try adding a darker colour in the setting

Fox and Geese quilt c

or a completely different colourway for the block

Fox n geese block b

and the quilt, set with sashing and cornerstones –

Fox and Geese quilt e

Fox and Geese