Summer Mystery Sew-Along 4

Week 4 and a slight change this week you’ll probably be glad to hear.

Download this week’s instructions here.

Keep this week’s pieces safe in their labelled box or bag.



Do you have an overflowing scrap bag? Do you need a few different ideas?

For lots of ideas on using up (and organising) those scraps pop over to the Chris and Barbara blog where every Sunday is ‘Scrappy Sunday’.

You could go from thisĀ  . . .

CF scrap eruption

. . .to this

jellyroll leftoversor this

IMG_8052 honeycomb

or . . .

Summer Mystery Sew-Along 3

Week 3 already and you should be accumulating a lot of bits by now. At the moment you are cutting a lot of strips the same size – you can use left-over bits of these strips to cut more pieces instead of cutting yet another strip. (All of which will mean absolutely nothing unless you have already carried out the instructions for PartsĀ  1 and 2).

Download this weeks instructions here.

Keep this week’s stitched pieces safe in a labelled bag or box.

Choosing colours

Whether you intend making the Mystery or not colour choice is something we all think we can’t do. Yesterday I mentioned having a look at the dots on the selvedge of a print that you like but if you are still stumped why not have a wander around the garden (if it ever stops raining long enough!)? Yes, they do all feature green of one shade or another but you can leave the green out – I rather like the silvery grey leaves in one or two of these photos, I think that makes quite a good ‘background’ colour against the dark purple and lighter pinks of the Scabious. The shades of purple with yellow and white in the little heart’s ease pansy could look stunning, although I’m not sure I would put that bright pink and orangey-red of the Primula together in a quilt, even with the white against them it is a bit of a colour clash. What colours are looking good together in your garden (or the local park) this week? Take some photos and save them for inspiration in the winter months.

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Summer Mystery fabrics

Fabric choices . . . .

Light, medium, dark, bright . . .??

Don’t fret about it too much. Three fabrics that you like is what you need. They can be light, medium and dark shades of the same colour family. They could appear to be light, medium and dark but not the same colours at all – yellow (=medium), bright blue (=dark) and cream or white (=light) for example. They could just be three contrasting colours – red, blue and white. The key word is contrast. Try to have one fabric that is either much lighter, or much darker, than the other two which should also contrast with each other – one could be a bright shade of blue for example to contrast with a navy and a very pale blue or even white. You could even opt for black and white with a colour (red, green?) to go between them.

Choose a print fabric you like for the border first and then pick three colours from that as your main fabrics – look at the selvedge for clues!