Puzzle Quilt Block 5

Mystery Flower Garden is the name of the fifth block in the Block of the Month Puzzle Quilt. You can download the instructions here. Don’t forget to check the tutorials page if you need help with cutting or making the units.

These are the two colour arrangements for the block which were used in the original quilt –

Mystery Flower Garden a


Mystery Flower Garden b

and here are two further ideas drawn with the help of EQ7.

Mystery Flower Gardenc

Mystery Flower Garden d

Block 5 Mystery Flower Garden


Simple Blocks – Big T

We’ve had a bit of a break from building blocks but it is time to restart this series and add a few more blocks that use the Flying Geese units. First up is Big T. Just 4 Flying geese units and some HST (half-square triangle) units. Download the instructions for the block here and remember to look at the tutorials page for help in making the various units.

big T a

You can change the colours around –

big T b


big T c

Set the blocks together to make a quilt –

big T quilt a

Add sashing between the blocks

big T quilt c

Use alternate colourings in the quilt

bit T quilt b

or set the blocks on point (same blocks as above, but doesn’t it look different?!)

big T quilt b

Have fun playing with Big T

Big T

Puzzle Quilt Block 4

London Roads is the fourth block in the Block of the Month Puzzle Quilt. Download the instruction sheet here and remember to check the Tutorials page for further help on cutting or making the units.

This is the first colouring of the block used in the original quilt –

London Roads b

and this is the second –

London Roads a

Here are a couple more ideas for different colours (with the help of EQ7)

London Roads d


London Roads c

Block 4 London Roads

New pattern

A new pattern has been added to the Craftsy page – Pink Windmills.

Pink Windmills

This is a really easy and fun quilt to play with. Just two simple units with some plain squares. Change the colours, change the units around and make lots of very different looking quilts!

Pink Windmills a

Pink Windmills d

Pink Windmills b

and a complete colour change –

Pink Windmills e

There are a couple more ideas included with the pattern, which also has a colouring and design sheet for you to print out as many times as you like so you can design your quilt before you start cutting (or even buying) your fabric!

Simple Blocks – Sawtooth Star

The basic Sawtooth Star block has four Flying Geese units and 5 squares. It is very simple! You can download the instructions for the basic block here.

Sawtooth Star

But you can do a lot of things with it to make new blocks. For instance, if you turn the Flying Geese around you make a block called King’s Crown –

sawtooth f

And if you put these two together in a quilt –

Sawtooth and KC

or (as it’s that time of year) in Christmas colours –

sawtooth quilt

You can add half-square triangles to the four corners –

sawtooth d

or to the centre –

sawtooth c

or combine the two –

sawtooth e

Add some smaller squares to the centre –

Sawtooth a

or to the corners

sawtooth b

This last one makes a lovely Christmas runner – look out for the pattern for next year, but in the meantime here’s a photo of Helen’s made in a class at the Corner Patch last week.

Sawtooth runner

Finally you could put a mini Sawtooth Star in the centre square –

sawtooth g

Enjoy experimenting!

Sawtooth Star

Christmas runner

This Christmas runner is really quick and easy. We’ve made it at workshops at The Corner Patch for a few years now and each time our beginner quilters have completed the top in the day. You can find the pattern on the Craftsy page here, but in the meantime here’s some photos of the results from this year’s students (not all of them wanted to do ‘Christmas’) –

easy runner a

We love the richness of the gold in this one.

Not so Christmas are the following two –

easy runner b

easy runner d

and back to Christmas again –

easy runner c

easy runner f

and finally the one made as this year’s shop sample

easy runner e

We just love the way this runner looks good no matter what fabrics you use, or where you place the emphasis.