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Simple Blocks – Aunt Dinah

Aunt Dinah is a variation of the Ohio Star – it has our featured ‘Mary’s Triangles units in the four corners. You can download the instructions for making the block here.

When I first coloured in this block I came up with this

Aunt Dinah block 2

Bu I felt poor Aunty looked a bit dull, so (as it is November and therefore nearly December) I decided to jazz her up a bit with some red and a few snowflakes and stars.

Aunt Dinah block

Like Ohio Star this block can be bit ho-hum just straight set on its own and you can lose the stars – they become a pieced sashing.

Aunt Dinah quilt

But add plain sashing between the blocks or alternate the colours of the stars and things look a better.

Aunt Dinah quilt 1

Or you could turn the corners of the block around and then alternate these with the original, changing the colours of the block as well

Aunt Dinah quilt 2

Even ‘dull’ Aunt Dinah doesn’t look too dull when given this makeover

Aunt Dinah quilt 4

Of course, given the time of year, you could always make something a lot smaller –

Aunt Dinah quilt runner

– give it a border, and maybe ‘pointy’ endsĀ  . . . ?

Or you could head over to our Payhip shop and buy a pattern to make a runner – we featured it way back in 2014.


Quick Christmas makes . .

. . for children. The Christmas holidays are here and you are trying to find something (other than phones/tablets) to keep everyone amused? Here are two free patterns for you to download that first appeared as projects for Young Quilters some 20+ years ago (when we had Young Quilters).

The felt Christmas Pudding can be made (with a little help perhaps) by under 10s –

christmas pudding

whereas the Christmas Bells are more suitable for older children to make on their own, or younger ones with a bit more help.


Of course there’s no reason why adults can’t make them – except possibly time!

xmas pudding

Christmas Bells


Quick projects free pattern

Meadowside seems to have had a rather extended summer break this year – more by accident than design as Life rather took over the last few months.

By way of an apology (and to celebrate the arrival of EQ8 which was used to design them) we bring you these two quick and easy free Christmas projects to download. They are both on the same pattern sheet and you can choose whether to make a runner or a little quilt. Of course, there’s nothing (except possibly time) to stop you from making both.

The runner is just three blocks and will finish at about 18 x 42 inches. You can choose to make yours longer or wider by adding more blocks or borders or giving your runner ‘pointy’ ends.

Christmas runner

Christmas runner 2

Christmas runner 3

The small quilt could be a wall-hanging or table topper and will finish at about 30 inches square – depending on the size you make your borders. And neither of them have to be made in Christmas colours – you could go mad and do one for each season.

Christmas quilt

Christmas quilt 2

Download your Quick Christmas projects

The pattern also includes a colouring sheet for both the runner and the quilt so you can design your own colourway.

Christmas runner

This Christmas runner is really quick and easy. We’ve made it at workshops at The Corner Patch for a few years now and each time our beginner quilters have completed the top in the day. You can find the pattern on the Craftsy page here, but in the meantime here’s some photos of the results from this year’s students (not all of them wanted to do ‘Christmas’) –

easy runner a

We love the richness of the gold in this one.

Not so Christmas are the following two –

easy runner b

easy runner d

and back to Christmas again –

easy runner c

easy runner f

and finally the one made as this year’s shop sample

easy runner e

We just love the way this runner looks good no matter what fabrics you use, or where you place the emphasis.

Free pattern for Christmas

Yes, we know its still August (just) but the Christmas fabrics are in the shops and we’ve still got some bits left over from last year but the new ones are very tempting . . . !

So to help you use up those left over pieces we’ve re-jigged a pattern written for Young Quilters by Dianne Clarke more years ago than any of us would like to think about. Sufficient to say that most of those Young Quilters are now adults, many with potential Young Quilters of their own.

Christmas bells can be hung from the tree, turned into garlands (there’s some lovely Christmas ribbons out already to thread them on) or just added to wreaths and other decorations as an extra ‘garnish’!

Download the pattern here – Christmas Bells

More patterns

A few new patterns have been added to our Payhip page – the Autumnal Stars sampler (recently available as our ‘Block of the Month’), a different stars sampler, a Christmas table topper and the Tangled Stars runner.

The All Stars sampler below was another Block of the Month at The Corner Patch so the instructions are step by step through various different techniques for piecing the main patchwork units – a useful adjunct to our tutorials on the same units, with the bonus of a quilt at the end.

all stars sampler

The table topper was developed from the centre of last year’s Block of the Month at the Corner Patch. Based on Log Cabin, it can be pieced conventionally or foundation-pieced.

Christmas star small

The Tangled Star runner is done in Christmas colours but looks good in other colourways as well. Both conventional piecing and foundation piecing methods are described and you can choose which to follow (or try both).

tangled star runner small

A new ‘Block of the Month’ pattern will be appearing on these page from September, so remeber to look out for it. In the meantime the Simple Blocks series will be starting up again very soon.