Simple blocks – Sawtooth Star

The basic Sawtooth Star is a very simple block – it has 4 Flying Geese units surrounding a large central square and four smaller squares in the corners.You can download the instructions to make a 12 inch block here.

Sawtooth Star

There are many ways to colour it and the centre square is ideal for ‘fussy cutting’ a big print. (But this hasn’t shown up well in my picture from EQ – it looked fine on the drawing board!)

Sawtooth star a

But that central square can be used in other ways. All those simple shapes and blocks we’ve looked at before could be put in there to make a completely different block.

Here’s a few, starting with 16-patch Sawtooth Star –

Sawtooth a

Then Frayed Sawtooth Star

sawtooth b

then Sarah’s Choice

sawtooth c

Add Half-Square Triangles instead of corner squares to make Mosaic 19 –

sawtooth d

Put Quarter-Square Triangles in the centre of Mosaic 19 to make Star Puzzle –

sawtooth e

Or you could put a small Sawtooth Star in the centre –

sawtooth g

And what if you turned the Flying Geese units round? This block is called King’s Crown –

sawtooth f

Putting Sawtooth Star alternately with King’s Crown makes a much more interesting quilt (I think!) than Sawtooth Star on its own –

Sawtooth and KC

Sawtooth Star




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